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Step 1
Clearing the legalities

TruHomes checks the legal title of the respective projects and makes sure all legalities are clear before the work is undertaken, even before we bring the project to you. If it's at a pre-launch stage, it won't go ahead until it meets all the necessary requirements and compliances.

Step 2
Planning for the perfect product

This involves the market research and planning phase. We get in touch with customers early on – here, we find out what your expectations are in terms of design, future plans and so on. Next, we involve a world-class team to map it out so that you are thoroughly satisfied in terms of price points and all your expectations are fulfilled.

Step 3
Financial security during development

During the development process, we ensure safety and lowered risks by putting the cash flow in escrow so that the finances are secured. Additionally, regular updates will be sent to you in terms of the project plan, progress charts and more. This will ensure a high-quality project is delivered in a risk-free manner.

Step 4
Tailored services for customer satisfaction

We also help you plan the finances and structure your loan, with a doorstep service. At the same time, a tech platform keeps you constantly updated with what’s happening with your home. For the first time, we’re also bringing in a warranty – a symbol of our customer-centric approach and eagerness to forge a long-lasting relationship with you.

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